At Trophy Cat Tackle we stand behind all of our products!  Our products are all tournament/torture tested by our Team.  Things still happen and can slip through our pre shipping inspection. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction and will work to get you a solution on any issues that may arise.


All rods come with a ONE YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT warranty from date of purchase.  If something happens just pay to ship us the damaged rod back and we will get you a new rod sent out.  YEAR TWO AND ON of the warranty covers 50% of a new rod just pay to ship the damaged rod back to us.  WARRANTIES ARE NONTRANSFERABLE.   Any questions feel free to contact us.



All tackle is inspected while it is being packaged but issues may still pop up.  If you have any issue with our tackle message or call us with pictures of your issue and we will work to get it taken care of ASAP.